About Us

Company Profile

nu-beca, established in 1998 and reorganized in May 2003, is known as an innovation-leading company, who dedicates itself on a provision of total solution in Healthcare business; besides, nu-beca also works as a tip provider to your life in Nature & Nutrition, Care of Beauty & Baby, solutions in Wellness & Fitness.

"One Stop for All!"

With a strategic joint venture of numerous companies who are expertise in both design and manufacturing of different product categories, nu-beca has been regarded as a marketing pioneer, presents solutions to global market, and intends to build up a long-term connection with valuable customers worldwide.

Your success, we care!

  • With over 15 years of OEM / ODM experience, we know exactly what you want and how should we provide you a speedy, flexible and satisfied service.
  • Patented design and valuable differentiations in both technology and quality assurance are our commitments to your success in business.
  • Furthermore, to shorten the distance to your success, we can even provide you an IPO (Integrated Purchasing Officers) service, a gateway to your future.

Through our skilled, experienced and well-organized support, everything seems to be at your fingertips, becomes much easier and simpler to have, including

  1. Outsourcing new products and technologies.
  2. Negotiating business including price with Asian suppliers.
  3. Preventing quality problems from your business just in time.

We are right here in Asia whom you may rely on and trust. For more information, please contact us at
info@nu-beca.com / +886 2 2836 3617


nu-beca is devoted to be the best provider of a total-solution and IPO service to the worldwide market from Asia.

A direct, speedy, trouble-free and cost-efficient result will be our promise to your achievement, and different service packages in material, design or manufacturing can be customized, to satisfy your demands today and tomorrow.


Your success, we care!
nu-beca commits to achieve a valuable neighborhood to your success. We are everywhere to serve you and your business, 24-7.


Have you ever ran into problems like these,

  1. Can't find new innovative products and technologies before other opponents.
  2. Miss the opportunities to make profits because of the delay on Time-to-market.
  3. Have problems in communication with suppliers such as technology discussing, quality securing, price negotiating, and so on.
  4. Can't avoid suffering a potential risk from poor quality issues.

Through our skilled, experienced assistance, everything becomes simpler and is controlled easily at your fingertips.

nu-beca is a jointed venture group, whose members have dedicated experiences in both design and manufacture of different products. With such an integration of know-how and experience, we give you not only a business itself, but also the future of your business in trust.

Our Commitments

  • We are certified by FDA, CE, ISO13485, FCC, GMP and others in majority of countries on earth.
  • Through our vertical integration on material self-productions, including IC design, motor & plastic injection, we guarantee the competitive price & performance.
  • Flexibility in both production & logistics is beneficial to your business plan.
  • Over 15 Years of ODM experience a high percentage of self production rate in major components, we are able to support you a full cooperation on your owned design in both ID and special requirements.
  • With patented product lines, we can even provide you more than expect!
  • "Speed" & "Flexibility" is our principle to serve customers
  • "One Stop for All" - an integrated purchasing is our value for your cost saving & efficiency-increasing.