TeleHealth System

New trend in Healthcare – TeleHealth System
It’s a Life, We Care, You Live.

Extending from telemedicine, TeleHealth is an up-to-date concept, which refers to a broader scope of remote healthcare services, particularly on the concept of prevention solution. Unlike TeleMedicine focus narrowly on remote clinical services and monitor patients status, TeleHealth is widely use on remote non-clinical services, for example, provider training, administrative or educational function, etc. to prevent people from sickness, in addition to clinical services.

Nowadays, health care providers are embracing new technologies for better understanding of the key issues that affect wellness and hospital re-admittance. nu-beca’s TeleHealth System is a comprehensive yet flexible solution, which facilitates chronic disease management. It enables self-management, timely communication between users and health care providers. It can also help to reduce hospitalizations while improving patient's quality of life.

nu-beca combines our homecare devices and TeleHealth System perfectly. Via Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication), personal data, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, body temperature and daily activities, is uploaded to the cloud. We offer an easy method for users to check their daily records instantly, assisting the medical professionals to make medical decisions efficiently by tracking the records, especially for chronic disease care management.

nu-beca’s TeleHealth System bridges the gap between users and the medical professionals, creating better communication, better care, and better outcomes for our beloved ones.